Your heart is a fragile organ that needs to treated with utmost care. While drinking water and having healthy food is part of the plan, you also need to get some exercise in regularly to strengthen your heart and keep it in optimum condition. The importance of being physically fit only increases with your age. A little exercise can go a long way in making your heart muscles stronger, and keep your pressure, sugar level and various other heart diseases at bay.

Ideally, American Heart Association recommends getting in at least a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise. You don’t necessarily need to do the 30 minutes all at once. Divide it into 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the time that’s more convenient for you.

Here are a few Simple Exercises to Help you:


1. A Stroll per day

It might not seem like much, but this is one of the safest exercises you can do to strengthen your heart. Add to the fact that walking is an enjoyable activity and doesn’t tire you out the way other forms of aerobic exercises do. It’s also inexpensive and doesn’t need you to take a trip to the gym. You don’t even need to set out a separate time for it.

You can walk to or come back from work, take a trip to the grocery store, or just walk around your neighbourhood Other than increasing the strength for your heart and lungs, It makes bones stronger and also improves balance.


2. Bike Riding

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that bike riding improves your heart strength. Because it makes use of the large muscles in your legs, it drastically raises your heart beat per minute. Along with it, you can count on it to burn some calories for you and give you in better mental condition. Bike riding helps to reduce the chances of coronary heart diseases.

A study claims that just by cycling 32 kilometres a week, the risk of developing any kind of heart disease is reduced by 50 per cent. Just take precautions and buy riding gears such as helmets and knee pads so that you don’t accidentally injure yourself. Also, make sure to buy a bike that’s suitable for your body type, or it can be uncomfortable.


3. Swimming

While swimming, in general, is great for health, it’s even better if you involve yourself in lane swimming. Only people who are in really bad shape can benefit from leisure swimming. Lane swimming, on the other hand, provides a more planned workout routine for the body. It helps to increase the person’s strength and stamina, which in turn keeps the heart and lungs in good shape.

It is recommended that you swim by following the length of a pool while trying out various swimming technique each day. Fist freestyle is one of the techniques that is highly recommended for this cause. As the person has to use more of their body strength to propel forward, your body naturally gets more work done.


4. Running For 10 Seconds

This might seem like a weird instruction and you might be wondering why not just jog for 10 to 15 minutes like a normal person? Well, while jogging itself can improve your heart condition, a high speed run down the road or up the hill can do wonders.

The trick is to run at intervals for 10 seconds, where you go all out and then take proper rest to recover from the adrenaline rush. Once you have gotten your breathing and heartbeat rate under control, do the 10-second sprint again. If you are a beginner in this type of running, start with only 4 intervals a day and then eventually lead up to 10.


5. Stretching

Not everything has to be intense and fast-paced to be good for your heart. Sometimes, a little stretching can go a long way in making your heart healthier. While stretching doesn’t necessarily affect your heart directly, it makes your body more flexible and in control of itself. Stretching keeps muscles in good shape.

It also prevents unnecessary joint pain and cramping. For people who don’t have a good body foundation, starting out with tough stretching can be extremely harmful. That’s why it is quite important to ease yourself in the exercise scene with stretching. It is recommended that you stretch regularly, both before and after your workout session.


6. Dancing

Exercising is much more effective when you actually have fun doing it and are able to focus on it every day. Unlike other forms, where a little pain in the legs confines you to a bed, most people tend to look forward to another day of dancing. It’s one of the exercises you can do at your house with a minimal arrangement.

A good dancing shoe, heart thumping music, space to spread your arms and legs, and you are good to go. The kind of benefits dancing provides to your body depend on how good you are at it but dance styles like Zumba help a lot in staying fit and providing a sense of rhythmic exercise for your whole body that keeps your heart happy.


7. Weight Training

This is especially important for people who are already suffering from heart diseases. Not only does it help you burn fat and improve body weight, but it can also be great for the bones and heart. You don’t necessarily have to leap into it all at once. Start with five to three push-ups and work yourself up to 20, all the while trying to maintain a steady pace.
Follow the Above Tips to Strengthen Your Heart

You don’t need to compulsorily do all the exercises mentioned in the list. You can start with one and then combine it with two or three to achieve the desired result. Once you are in the habit of exercising, your regard for it might increase and you might even stretch your 30 minutes routine to a 1 hour one. We hope you find the right exercise for you from this list!


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