About Happy Heart Solutions

At Happy Heart Solutions, our goal is to help our patients realize their heart needs and facilitate them with the resources they need to stay young, healthy and happy.

Founder’s Story

Happy Heart is an ideology that aims to serve patients and its foundations were laid by a group of friends: Shaun, Alvin, Lawrence and Fong. Dedicated to their profession and striving to promote honesty, these friends decided to create a healthcare center that is devoted to introducing patients to innovative health restoring practices.

One of these friends was involved in marketing and selling health products, and soon, they decided to join forces and work towards promoting heart health. A few months down the lane, one of the partners discovered the EECP therapy, and after introducing it amongst family members and friends, its benefits became evident. Soon, the partners realized that this therapy is instrumental in promoting heart health. And this is how Happy Heart Solutions was created to help patients maintain and boost their blood circulation by introducing them to the therapeutic and non-invasive results of EECP.

Our Philosophy

At Happy Heart Solutions, our philosophy revolves around helping patients understand and improve the health of their heart, and choose innovative therapies that are most suitable for their condition. As a healthcare center that is dedicated to promoting heart health and understanding, we aim to help our patients increase their understanding so they can truly make well-informed decisions.

We strongly believe that heart health care and maintenance must begin at the earliest stages of life in order to avoid complications as you are getting old. We hope to expand our healthcare facilities and introduce the beneficial results of EECP therapy to all those who are suffering around us. Your heart health matters a great deal to us, and we intend to put an end to your suffering with holistic advice and innovative therapy sessions.

Our Mission Is to Provide the Most Innovative and Beneficial Heart Care Facilities to Our Cherished Patients.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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